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Making Your Wedding Invitation Reflect You

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

When you are searching for your wedding invitation, you have virtually unlimited number of choices. This is partly due to the advance in printing technology. You can just let your imagination fly when you are trying to create your wedding invitation.

There is no doubt that wedding planning is a very time consuming job. You have to spend the time to consider all the details of your wedding. One of the most important decisions you have to make when you are planning for your wedding is probably the wedding theme. You will not able to make your wedding special and unique if you cannot make a concrete decision on your wedding theme. When your wedding invitation is concerned, you should always remember that the wedding card should somehow reflect your wedding theme.

On the other hand, you should also make your wedding invitation reflect you. Of course it should at the same time reflect your fiance. You have to create your wedding invitation such that it reflects your personalities. If you are someone who think that etiquette is very important, you should consider choosing a traditional wedding invitation. You may also design your invitation such that it can be related to your career. You may consider making your wedding invitation like an architectural drawing if both of you and your finance are working in the construction field.

You may also consider printing some photos on your wedding invitation. If you would like to make your wedding invitation reflect you, you may put some photos of you and your fiance on the wedding invitation. Of course this is not the only option when you are considering a photo wedding invitation. You can also consider printing a photo of a beach if you are going to host a beach wedding.

As mentioned, the choices of styles are just unlimited. If you are wild enough, you may even consider creating a wedding invitation which is not made from paper. Taking the idea of construction field for example, if both of you and your fiance are working as architects, you may consider using concrete to make your wedding invitation. This will certainly make your wedding invitation extremely interesting and unique. Of course should consider the practical issues such as how you are going to mail the invitations.