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White Wedding Flowers

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Usually when you think about a wedding, the color that comes to your mind is white. White is one of the most popular and used colors in weddings throughout the world. The day of your wedding is probably one of the most important days of your life so you want to make sure that everything is perfect. One of the most important things for your wedding besides your wedding dress is, of course, your wedding flowers!

Wedding flowers are one of the most important things in a wedding because they provide color and scent and symbolize life, growth, and rebirth. White wedding flowers will give your wedding an elegant and classic look, keeping in mind that it’s also the traditional color of brides. It is elegant, luxurious and very sophisticated. White weddings were originated in Europe and this color has been used in Royal weddings ever since Queen Victoria’s wedding in 1840.

Roses are by far one of most popular wedding flowers and they have been used for thousands of weddings around the world. A white rose represents innocence, purity, and love which you can combine with any other wholesale flower that is available in the market. Use white roses for wedding arrangements such as boutonnieres, corsages, bridal bouquets, cake decor, church arrangements and table centerpieces. For an all white bouquet, brides can mix white roses, white lilies, and white alstroemeria flowers for an amazing and gorgeous wedding bouquet that will definitely be admired by everyone in attendance.

White stephanotis flowers are also a traditional choice for many brides. Symbolizing “marital happiness,” they are a great choice for weddings. This beautiful small star shaped flower has an amazing fragrance. You will find that there are many things you can do with this delicate flower but they are commonly used by brides for hair adornments, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and wedding cake topper, among other uses.

White Calla Lilies are also one of the most sought after wedding flowers among diy brides. Besides adding an element of elegance and a graceful look to your wedding, they also symbolize magnificent beauty. Calla Lilies are available all year and they can be combined in centerpieces and bouquets with roses, tulips, lilies and many other fresh flowers. Calla Lilies are the perfect choice for all brides and they can be used for diy brides who are looking to have either a classic or modern wedding.

Let’s not forget the use of fresh tropical orchids. White dendrobium orchids are highly popular for weddings, special events and floral arrangements. Orchids are an exotic and delicate flower. An orchid is a symbol of love, beauty and luxury which makes them a perfect flower for any wedding. Orchids are gorgeous tropical flowers that are easy to work with so they are perfect for do-it-yourself brides. You can use white orchids for wedding bouquets, table centerpieces, submerged flower arrangements and many other floral arrangements.

There are many fresh cut flowers that a bride can choose from for their special day. The flowers mentioned earlier are just a few from all the white wholesale flowers that are available. You can never go wrong when choosing a white theme for your wedding, by choosing white wedding flowers you will have stunning floral arrangements that will give an elegant and classical touch to your big day. Make sure you choose your favorite wholesale flowers for your wedding since it will be a day you will never forget.

List of Gorgeous Wedding Flowers

Monday, December 21st, 2015

Wedding is the most important occasion for lovers. They do everything to make it extravagant and remarkable as well. Either an extravagant or simple wedding always have bouquet of flowers essential for the ceremony. Without flowers, this unforgettable ceremony would be imperfect and senseless.

Flowers will bring life to the wedding. These are usually decorated along the altar, walls and ceilings. The flowers, the bride will be holding should be the most beautiful flowers on that special occasion. Except from the appearance of the bride, her make-up, gown and shoes, the wedding flowers must also be striking and extraordinary.

Choosing the perfect flowers for a wedding is essential to make the wedding perfect and unforgettable. The question is that, what is the best flower to use for weddings?

The following are some of the flowers choose by most brides-to-be.

Rose – This is said to be the all-time favorite wedding flower. Roses come in many shades of white that is the ideal color for a descent wedding. White colored flowers are usually use for wedding occasions because it is a sign of purity and innocence. One reason why colored flowers are not commonly use is because these flowers tend to take away guest attention from the bride’s appearance. Rose has fragrant scent but others have a little odor.

Calla Lilly – This is one of the elegant flowers and this can be a great wedding bouquet. They are beautiful enough to be chosen as flower for all wedding occasions. Their sophisticated elegance can put glimpse to the entire guest on that very special day. You can choose from a wide variety of colors such as white, yellow, orange, and dark color such as purple.

Tulips – These flowers could also be an option for wedding flowers. These come in different shades of white, red, yellow and lavender. These are thirsty flowers that require usual watering. If you chose tulips to be your wedding flowers for your big day, you should ensure that they are watered well before the ceremony started.

Orchids – Orchid is one of the famous flowers used in wedding bouquets. Wedding orchids have colorful blooms that are liked by most brides. Orchid is a representation of beauty, elegance and fragrance. Their sophisticated shades of colors attract people’s attention as well as it beautifies the whole area of the wedding. Wedding orchids are the best flowers to be used in wedding ceremonies but this kind of flower is a little expensive because it is quite hard to grow. You should consider first many aspects like the budget before choosing a perfect flower to be used for your wedding.

These are some of the most used flowers for all wedding occasions. Finding the perfect flower for a wedding is a hard task indeed because the flowers should fit with the motif of the wedding. Flowers are one of the most important things in special occasions like wedding. They provide noticeable colors that give life to a one special event. Flowers can also give a relaxing scent which can provide good mood to all the people in the area.