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How to Choose Your Wedding Flower Colors for the Perfect Effect

Monday, August 15th, 2011

First of all, think about the general style and tone that you are hoping to create for your wedding. The colors of flowers are symbolic, and they also have a strong emotional impact. You want to match the flowers you choose to the overall vibe you are going for.

The most traditional color for wedding flowers is all white. This is a wonderful option for a formal wedding. There is nothing more iconic of a wedding than a beaming bride in a white gown carrying a lovely bouquet of white flowers. White does not have to mean basic or uncreative, either; there are plenty of different design effects that can be created, depending on which type of flower you select. An oversized cascading bouquet of giant orchids will have a very different style than a dainty little posy of lily-of-the-valley, after all.

Red is another favorite for wedding flowers, and it has a distinctly different flavor than white bouquets or centerpieces. Rich deep red is passionate, it is dramatic, and it is anything but demure. Red roses are the classic Valentine’s flowers for a good reason. Bright red can also be happy and festive. Imagine cheery centerpieces of true red gerbera daisies for a picnic theme casual afternoon wedding. Also think about how red can be mixed with additional colors to create other effects for your wedding. Russet red with goldenrod yellow and a deep orange are the quintessential flower colors for an autumn harvest theme wedding.

Pink is a long time favorites of brides. Pink flowers are pretty and feminine. They add a splash of color in a way that white does not, without losing their innocence. Another great thing about pink bouquets is that they pair so well with pink bridesmaid dresses and sets of bridesmaid jewelry. A fantastic look is to layer different shades of pink. For instance, if the bridesmaids were wearing a pale pink dress, they could carry bouquets of deep pink flowers and tie it all together with deep pink bridesmaid jewelry sets. This allows you to create a look with a strong color focus without being monochromatic or boring.

The perfect wedding flower colors will do so much for your design scheme. The color of your flowers will help to establish a tone and can also go a long way towards reinforcing a theme. Of course the most important thing that your wedding flowers should do is make you smile, so in the end, the best color choice will be the one that you simply love the best.

Using Wholesale Flowers For Your Wedding

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

If you are planning a wedding you have probably already learned that some things that you need cost a bit more than you had bargained for, and flowers are likely on that list. However, by choosing wholesale flowers you can do more than just save money, important as it is. There are several other important advantages as well. When you purchase flowers from a traditional florist, you may be quite limited in the types of flowers that she will be able to access easily. Sure, you would have the option of ordering some of the more exotic choices, but they will come at a premium price.

When you choose wholesale flowers, however, you will have more choices and the prices will be lower than they would if you were dealing with a retail florist. Remember, when you buy flowers from a retail florist, you are paying for all of her overhead, including pricey retail space. Also, she probably does not purchase enough flowers to qualify for the bulk discounts to which most wholesalers would be entitled. Those are savings that can be passed onto you, the consumer. That means that you can trim a few hundred dollars off of your flower budget or you could choose more elaborate arrangements for the same price that you had set aside for flowers.

Some think that wholesale flowers are not a good option for them because they do not feel comfortable arranging the flowers or creating the bouquets themselves. You can likely find someone who is a skilled floral artist and just pay them to create your d├ęcor, bouquets and corsages. Because you will be saving so much on the flowers, you may be able to do this without going over your original floral budget. Some brides-to-be are fortunate enough to have a wholesale florist near them. If you do not, you could turn to the internet. There are many Web sites that sell wholesale flowers. Some brides are understandably nervous about buying flowers online, but you can minimize your risk by choosing online wholesale florists that are members of the Better Business Bureau, or of well-known floral industry groups, such as the Society of American Florists.