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Limousine and Types

Friday, November 20th, 2015

A limousine is an extraordinary vehicle because of its incomparable amenities and a thoughtful chauffeur, for example, Hummer limousine can be termed as small Las Vegas. Inside Hummer there are poker room, casino table, and slot machine. A chauffeur is not only a driver but also a guide. Actually he is more than you have expected.

Comfort and safety, room and bar all are available in a limousine. And you can fulfill your requests by telling your chauffeur. Limousine is the state-of-the-art vehicle and is the symbol of dignity. It has traced on the minds of people that limousine is A1 ground transportation. Whenever you use it, you are always held in a high esteem. In the world, therefore, there is no ground transportation that has the same feature like it and that can provide the same service like a chauffeur.

People who look for these things in the ground transportation or who want outstanding service use limousines. Indeed, it is difficult to limit the usage of limousines for they are used from weddings to funeral.

There are different types of limo and so are their amenities. Sedans and SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) have the least amenities while Party Bus has the highest number of amenities. The more amenities the limo has, the more expensive the limo is. Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousines are usually available in two colors, black or white. Hummers are available in different colors such as pink, black and white. They also possess the colors of the Zebra and the Tiger.
It has been more than 100 years since the first limo was manufactured. It was only in 1928 that the first Stretch Limousine was manufactured. The Silver Spirit is a British limousine made by Rolls Royce. For the first time, Mercedes Benz manufactured armored Pullman State Limo. Volkswagen was the first company to build first all-wheel drive limo, which is known by the name of Phaeton Lounge. Jaguar has been producing limousines since 1968. BMW X3 SUV is one of the limousines, that has been produced by BMW while Range Rover L322 is produced by Range Rover.

Besides these branded companies, coach builders are also the ones who manufacture limousines. For making stretch limousines, they use Lincoln Town Cars and Hummers. They also equip them with the amenities that the customers of Limousine Rental Company want. Lincoln Continental and Cadillac Fleetwood limousines are the presidential limousines in the United States of America.

Limousine Hire: Knowing What To Look For

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

For first timers who are quite apprehensive in choosing a limousine hire service. There are a few factors you have to look for when hiring a limousine service and especially when you want to employ limousines making your choices and decisions has veer in the right direction. There are a few factors you should have lined out, panned and list down before making your choice on which limousine hire company to decide on.

There are a few key factors you should always ask about when you make your inquiries with the limousine hire service of your choice. Once you know what you are referring to it gives some businesses less reason to take advantage of you and deceive you and you can guarantee for yourself that you are getting the best limousine in their fleet. There are a few factors you should scrutinize well before making your decision in what limousine business to decide on.

Before taking a look at the features they offer and making your queries, you need to determine for what event you need their limousines for in order to find the right one that best fit the occasion you plan on attending. If a friend is visiting you and wants to go out and see what the night life has to offer in your city and wants to hire the services of a limousine hire, you would definitely need one with high end technological innovation. Be sure it has its own mini bar and entertainment system that includes a flat screen TV, DVD player and sound system. Look around to ensure that they provide the best limousine experience they can provide.

Most stretch and limousines can accommodate up to at least sixteen people inside in a comfortable way, if more people are coming there’s the super stretch limousine and the party bus limousine. So for those that wanted the services of a limousine hire to transport their party for a night of fun, be sure that the amenities you choose for your limousine is something that will start the night off in fun and enjoyment, look for something with a mini bar and state of the art sound system. There are a number of car models and types available in the marketplace, but you want one that conveys luxury and style, therefore when you decide on a limousine hire you should demand for ones with dark colored windows for privacy, and a stretch limousine to accommodate all of you while looking stylish and stunning.

Now that you at least have an idea on what to look for in determining a good limousine hire service, go on and start making your calls and inquiries in finding the right kind of service you need and hire the limousine service that can provide you an experience that will last your entire life. Be sure you get the best arrangement and that the car is ideal for your friends plan in a night out of town and start your party as soon as you get inside the limousine.