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Choosing green wedding rings

August 24th, 2015 4:17 am

Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings respect the environment while celebrating love and commitment. An environmentally friendly wedding ring is one that has no waste resources, contribute to the exploitation of the labor force or have a conflict diamond.

It can be delicious, too. A family heirloom avoids commercialism, while it honors tradition. If no suitable heirloom, a vintage ring or real estate also avoids pollution and waste.

A ring made of alternative materials will also avoid the pollution, while celebrating an engagement with some lasting beauty. Such a ring may be the high-tech materials are produced, or simply made of precious wood. Here are three ideas for eco-friendly wedding rings.

Heirlooms, antiques and recycled rings

Sometimes a family is offering a few heirloom ring that carries the history and charm. Ring can sometimes be changed. Otherwise, re-designed jewelry, will be crafting the metal and stones into rings to hold the additional meaning.

Some couples, family rings restyle several pieces into the mix, which they wear. Custom twist rings, for example, to connect more than one metal, as they entwine the rings of two families.

Stones can be purchased recycled rings added. Synthetic gemstones or diamonds from a reputable Canadian mine are alternative possibilities.
Some couples have no suitable family jewelry available, or do not want to change an heirloom. You can choose from vintage rings available online or from a local jeweler. Portero is a reliable online portal for real estate jewelry.

Couples buying a vintage ring should check the local jeweler to the Better Business Bureau and the local licensing authority. Also antique jewelry have assessed if you spend a considerable sum. Be sure the ring fits well, or can be changed safely.

Choose a durable design. Large pearls, natural emeralds, opals and not so well bearLike other precious stones. Some rings with multiple stones have settings that do not stand up to everyday use can. You choose the ring of life, one you might see one day to wear a grandchild.

Ceramic materials and artificial gemstones

Ceramic rings are attractive and durable. Such rings range from wonderfully simple to almost baroque. There are styles for all tastes.
High-tech rings are nothing like China. They often look like metal. More dent-resistant and durable than most metals, although it also in black, white, and colors.

Tough ceramic rings are usually proposed groom, but many brides will appeal. Some are inlaid with wood, metal, carbon fiber or rubber. They are hypoallergenic, durable and relatively inexpensive.

Such rings can be set with diamond substitutes like cubic zirconia. Synthetic diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies are also available. Because they are perfect, plastics can be much more durable than natural gemstones. Because they are synthetic, they can also be much less expensive.

Wooden Rings

Wood rings, the ultimate environmentally friendly rings. Some are very simple, others are inlaid with everything from volcanic stone and glass shell. Many types of wood are made into rings.

Bog oak is oak, which was buried in a peat bog for thousands of years. Deep color and mellow shine are its properties. Other hardwoods include teak, red padauk, purple heart and walnut. Rings are created with embedded designs in turquoise, pearl, and malachite, and precious stones, concrete or metal.

Just as companies make wood rings to order. Wooden rings are inexpensive and are wonderfully durable.

Couples have many options when it for the environmentally friendly wedding rings shop. With family rings can conserve resources and respect for tradition. RecyclingThe search for suitable materials or antiques shows respect for the past and for the earth.

Ceramics and similar materials are a hyper-modern approach to the same destination. Wooden rings are simply lovely alternative. Wedding rings need not be made of precious metal to be permanent, and they do not contain diamonds to be for ever.

The Big, Fat Wedding Cake

August 24th, 2015 4:13 am

One of the most thrilling things for a cake lover during a wedding is to choose their own wedding cake. While it can be an exciting task, one must realize that it is a daunting task and the €Wedding Cake fuss’ is not just an adage. Besides the appearance of the cake, one has to consider a host of things including flavors, size and the budget.

When you got out on your first recce, the prices and designs can be overwhelming, but soon you will realize the effort and time that goes into making a wedding cake not to mention that every care is taken to ensure it turns out great. No one wants to be on the side of ruining someone’s wedding day.

We give you some tips to help reduce your wedding cake hassle:
1. Plan in advance: Plan your cakes months in advance. You can start with some basic research online and walking into nearby bakeries. It is highly advisable to choose a reputed bakery or professional as they come with tones of experience and you can be sure, the cake will turn out as you imagined. But beware! Many professionals take orders months in advance and have calendared orders to avoid clashes and confusion.

2.Budget it and be honest: When sharing your ideas with a professional, be honest about your real budget. No one is going to judge you! A design can be created in many different ways and if the professional is aware of your real budget, they can work on ideas that can match your budget. Tip: Delicate flowers, elaborate shapes and colors with handmade pipings and tiny details up the cost by manifolds due to the labor involved, opt out of those if you are on a tight budget.

3.Size your cake: The number of people attending your wedding will decide the size of your cake.
The price of a wedding cake is based on the number of serving; the more guests you have, the more tiers you can add to your cake and the more elaborate the cake, the more expensive it is. Tip: When on a small budget, order a small fancy cake to display, and then serve sheet cakes (no one has to see them) to majority of the guests. Your guests do not have to know as cakes are generally cake whisked away from the guests to be sliced.

4.Design and Decoration: Wedding cakes are generally theme based depending on the venue and theme of the wedding and the colors used. Most wedding cakes match the subtle and sometime outrageous themes chosen by the bride and groom. Lace, ribbons, bows, satin and pearls are a few decorations that make any cake €The Wedding Cake’ so have some ideas ready while designing your cake. Make sure your cake is all you and your partner and not the baker. They will suggest options based on budget and their abilities but eventually it is your wedding and the cake must represent the two of you!

5.Frosting: Butter cream and fondant are the two types of frostings mainly used and choosing either of these can cause enough fluctuations in the final cost of the cake. Butter creams are light and delicious also much cheaper but not very suitable for a humid environment or outdoor venues as they tend to melt or fall off. Fondant, on the other hand, will give you a smooth finished look where you can have tiny petals and flowers detailed to perfection, almost real and are great for outdoor locations as they help preserve the cake.

6.Delivery: Not many consider delivery as a part of their planning but it is more important than most €Things to do’ and it is not just the baker’s responsibility. It requires a lot more co-ordination and assistance than you can anticipate. The cake may or may not be delivered in its final form. If not, the baker will need some open space and cool surrounding to set it up and give the finishing touches. And it is as important to ensure that the cake is stored until or after the ceremony in cooler temperatures considering the venue and theme.

We hope these tips will help with your €Wedding Cake’ shopping. After all, as bakers with over decade long experience as one of the finest cake shops in Mumbai, it is our responsibility to guide you rightly while planning or you’ll never be satisfied with the final product and for an occasion as marriage; we only want to represent satisfied couples. After all, every wedding cake is a memory and a story of love and we would love to have a good one!